What we do

Effective, efficient and collaborative program and project services delivered by skilled professionals.


The successful delivery of a project or large program of work requires many moving parts to come together seamlessly. Geodetica partners with you to ensure effective coordination of the activities required to achieve your objectives.

We use our experience and knowledge of program delivery, within established systems and frameworks, to find the most efficient way to accomplish a goal. Draw on the collective and diverse expertise of our people in areas such as:

  • program and project management
  • commercial procurement management
  • engineering management
  • systems engineering and integration
  • integrated logistics support
  • risk management

Program and project services

We provide a tailored service that supports our clients to achieve their specific goals and objectives. We proactively seek to maximise value for money, and pride ourselves on being able to lead, coordinate, and integrate with project teams to deliver outcomes.

Geodetica has a proven track record of success with highly complex and large-scale programs requiring significant governance, attention to detail, and the management of commercial, technical, strategic and organisational risk.

We also have specialist expertise in delivering for government – particularly the Australian Defence Force (Navy, Army and Air Force).

Program and project management
• Program consulting
• Project management and support
• Defence acquisition and governance
• Stakeholder engagement
• Program and project risk
• Scheduling
• Project budget and financial control
• Resource and workforce planning
• Contract Management
Procurement management
• Tender development and evaluation
• Contract negotiation
• Export control
• Procurement
• Product management services
and support
Engineering management
• Engineering change
• Configuration management
• Safety and certification
• Systems and product integration
• Test and evaluation
Fundamental Inputs to Capability (FIC)
• Capability development
• Transition and acceptance into service
• FIC integration
Integrated logistics support
• Logistics engineering
• Maintenance requirements determination
• Logistic support analysis
Strategic business support
• Strategic leadership and coaching
• Conversational agility for future leaders
• Leadership essentials
• One-on-one executive coaching

The Geodetica philosophy

People, and the energy they bring to work, is fundamental to success. This is why we value teamwork above all else and seek to unify stakeholders, while upskilling and mentoring key project personnel to enable sustainability long after our involvement.

We understand that collaboration is vital, and bring a depth of experience that supports our clients to unlock challenges and threats ahead of time so they can move forward with confidence.


Interested in partnering with us?

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