Nick Kerr joins Geodetica as our newest Senior Consultant

We are thrilled to welcome experienced engineer and project manager, Nicholas Kerr, to our team. Nick joins us this week as our newest Senior Consultant, with an extensive background in the project management of multidisciplinary advisory and engineering projects in both the public and private sectors.

Nick grew up on a primary production farm in regional NSW, before studying civil engineering in Wollongong and going on to work in a variety of complex project management roles.

“I’ve been lucky to have such a great career so far. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a broad range of fantastic people in what I would describe as an enabling function for multi-disciplinary projects which are often highly complex in nature. I am inspired by solving these complex challenges as a collaborative team with our clients.

“Much of my experience is within infrastructure and advisory projects, ranging from urban development to municipal waste, transport, and Defence.”

Nick says his early exposure to machines, building and systems on the farm and in early working life, as well as an innate love of LEGO®, have all played a role in his decision to pursue engineering.

“I’ve always been a big fan of large infrastructure projects. Growing up on the farm, I enjoyed watching things grow and became obsessed with seeing simple things come together to make complex things.

“During my studies and in my early career, I learned how transport and community infrastructure projects come together to create meaningful and enduring impact. Then working with a range of clients really drove my understanding of engineering projects at scale, and the lasting outcomes that can be achieved long after a project is complete.

“Working with Defence across a range of infrastructure, acquisition and advisory projects provided an opportunity to support such an important organisation, which is home to some of our country’s most dedicated and hard-working professionals. What I enjoy most is working with small, highly capable teams where I’ve learned small acts of kindness and brilliance converge to achieve meaningful impact.”

Ready to take the next step in his career, Nick says he was originally motivated to join Geodetica for the chance to work again with former colleague Suraj Paniker.

“I had worked with Suraj on Defence programs in the past. I really admire the way he operates, and the opportunity to work together again was compelling. I can see those same behaviours and professionalism embodied in the whole team here. I’m really thrilled to be part of what happens next in Geodetica’s story; I know we’ll do some great things.

“I’m most looking forward to helping our clients overcome complex challenges using, what I would describe as, the power of good humanity. This means taking a people-centric approach to problem solving, whether they’re technical or non-technical problems. No matter the challenge that lies in front of a team, client or community, a human-centric design and approach always get the best results.”

When he’s not working, Nick is a self-confessed foodie and an avid reader.

“I love trying the best Canberra has to offer – be it food and drinks or the wonderful hiking spots locally and further afield. I’m always reading something, or listening to an audio book, and lately I’ve been enjoying the game-adapted tv show The Last of Us. It’s a treasured story of mine, and it’s wonderful to see it adapted faithfully on screen.

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