Meet Rebecca Clissold: Geodetica’s passionate project manager

As we wrap up our series sharing the stories of our foundational team, we are so proud to introduce Rebecca Clissold – an exceptional project manager and valued member of the Geodetica team.

Rebecca has worked on several large-scale Defence projects in her career, including as a project manager for AIR7004 as part of enhancing Australia’s integrated air and missile defence capability.

“I was born in the Blue Mountains and grew up on the South Coast. Just before Year 12 my family moved to Canberra, and after school I initially worked in retail management. I then joined the ACT Government where I stayed for 5 years before moving to NSW Health. Eventually I decided to join the industry side, and secured a role with a commercial security firm contracting to Defence, other federal government departments, and industry alike.”

Rebecca took a few months off to spend with her son before he started primary school, and returned to work with a consulting firm where she was placed in the Systems Program Office for the Defence AIR6500 project.

“Jason was a project manager for AIR6500 and I was a contracted liaison officer and project coordinator representing AIR6500 interests in the Systems Program Office. I was looking for a change, so when he invited me to come onboard with Geodetica I didn’t hesitate. He’s so honest, genuine, and kind and I could see right away the vision and values of the company.”

After starting with Geodetica, Rebecca left the Systems Program Office and joined Jason to support tranche 1 and 2 of AIR6500. As part of the project, she went on to become a project manager for AIR7004.

“I took maternity leave at the end of 2022 and, when I came back, I moved into the maritime domain to work on the SEA4000 Hobart-class Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG) upgrades as Executive Coordinator and Business Operations Manager.

“Defence is a fast-paced environment and the work we do is really important. I love that it keeps me on my toes and I get to indulge my passion for planning.”

Rebecca has loved watching Geodetica’s growth, which she says has been especially strong in the past 12 months.

“I like being part of the original gang who can see how far the company has come. To know there are many more people who will benefit from the support and professional development opportunities that Geodetica provides is fantastic.

“We really are like a big family that is growing, rather than just adding more people. It’s certainly not a body shop. The core values of Geodetica and the fact that the company actually follows them is so unique. Some companies promise the world and never deliver, but every single thing I’ve asked for – support, advice, mentoring – they have provided. You can go to the directors with anything and never fear judgement. That has enabled continuous growth for me personally and professionally, even when I was on maternity leave and was still included in every catch up and event.

“If I want to do any training, which is something I’m looking into now, I know I will be supported. Or if I said I needed a change of scenery, I know they would go out of their way to help me move to another project where it would be mutually beneficial.

“I’m very happy with the status quo though, and am looking forward to spending more time mentoring up-and-comers. Young people will eventually replace us and if there is no one to pass the baton to then you’re going nowhere!”

When she’s not working, Rebecca spends as much time as she can with her young family.

“My son does a lot of sport which keeps me busy during the week, and in my own time I love to read and go for walks or help out with community events. We’re also beach-goers, and I still have family on the South Coast, so you’ll often catch us heading there for a weekend away.”

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