Meet Geodetica’s newest consultant, Yashab Khan

We are excited to announce that Yashab Khan has joined Geodetica this week as our newest consultant.

Having spent over a decade with the ACT Government, Yashab is excited to bring his skills, experience and passion to the team as he takes this next step in his career.

“I joined the ACT Government as a finance officer right after completing a double degree in commerce and arts with a major in international studies. Over the years I was fortunate to work in many great roles – from financial analyst to ICT procurement specialist and costing specialist.

“During COVID I was specifically requested to join the COVID-19 Business Supports Grant Program which was set up to support local businesses affected by the pandemic. It was very rewarding and challenging, and I was the recipient of the ACT Government ‘Collaboration’ award for the work we did which was nice recognition.

“More recently, I was responsible for evaluating the financial aspects of business cases from ACT Directorates seeking government funding for major projects, particularly those with ICT components.”

As part of his decision to move into project management, Yashab is currently studying to be a project manager and is looking forward to applying his skills in real-world scenarios to make a positive impact.

“I love working with people and overseeing a project from inception to completion. The process of transforming an idea into a tangible outcome, guiding diverse teams, and tackling unexpected challenges is exciting!”

Yashab certainly didn’t take his career transition lightly, and talked to many companies before deciding to come onboard with Geodetica.

“I met with several large consulting firms but Geodetica was very appealing. A mutual friend had connected me with Jason and he reached out to understand what I was looking for. He was so forthcoming and generous with his time, and in meeting the team I found everyone had a similar approach. It definitely felt like they had my best interests at heart, so it was an easy decision in the end.

“It can be stressful to make a career change, but I feel more empowered now than ever. The mentorship opportunities at Geodetica are amazing. I’ll be working with experienced and knowledgeable people who are genuinely kind, and we all share a unified vision. If you have good people, you really can’t go wrong.”

Growing up in Canberra, Yashab learned many of the principles of good project management from his parents as he watched them build a number of businesses from the ground up.

“My parents came to Canberra in the 1980s and opened several Indian restaurants. I spent most of my younger years watching them work, and while I never mastered the art of cooking, I picked up important lessons about commitment and the complexities of managing operations.

“Being around restaurants also turned me into a bit of a foodie. These days I love my food and sport, and I’m a bit of a film buff. My wife and I always enjoy watching movies from our favourite directors, and you’ll often find us binge-watching new TV series.”

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