Geodetica welcomes naval aviation specialist Allen Oliver to the team 

We are thrilled to announce the addition of yet another Defence specialist to the Geodetica team with the onboarding of Allen Oliver as our newest Consultant.  

Allen brings with him 26 years of aviation experience as a tactical coordinator in Navy and the Air Force, and as a technical staff officer in Navy. He also has extensive experience in project management, integrated logistics support and contracting, specifically in getting the requirements right in major military acquisitions.  

“I joined the navy when I was just 17 because it looked very exciting, and I ended up living a ‘Boys’ Own’ adventure – flying off aircraft carriers and hunting Soviet submarines off the coast of Alaska and Malaysia.  

“It was hugely rewarding and since then I’ve been an above-the-line contractor to Defence, working directly to the Commonwealth to frame their requirements and acquisitions, and below the line as an integrated logistics support manager for companies delivering products to Defence.” 

Allen was part of Defence’s Offshore Patrol Vessel Program where he met and worked with Geodetica director, Oliver Ciano.  

“The Offshore Patrol Vessel Program was another rewarding part of my career, particularly as I was involved from the outset of scoping requirements all the way to near delivery. It’s very worthwhile when you’re able to see the fruits of your efforts.  

“I worked on that project with Oliver for almost 10 years, and also had the pleasure of meeting Jason Vella and Patrick MacNeill. From what I’ve seen of Geodetica, it’s just a great company to be with. None of the politics, just good people doing good work.” 

Edging closer to retirement, Allen says the opportunity to join the team came at exactly the right time in his career.  

“They were able to offer a flexible working arrangement at the perfect time for me. It allows me to balance my personal life with continuing to do work I really enjoy, such as digging into contracts and understanding what they’re really about to make sure they will deliver what Defence needs. 

“It’s a great feeling to work with people who recognise your experience and competency and want to tap into it. Geodetica does that in spades and I take my hat off to them.” 

Outside of work, Allen has an affinity for his 2.5 acres of half-tamed alpine land in Jindabyne where he spends a fait bit of time with his mower and whipper snipper.  

“Jindabyne is really where home is for me, and I love getting out onto the land and making the property look great. I also do a lot of gardening and read about 100 books a year!  

“On the weekends, I enjoy helping my wife with her business – Curiosity Chocolates. She makes fabulous chocolate, and you’ll either find me with her at a local market or packaging up our online orders to send to buyers.”  

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