Geodetica welcomes Bronwyn Mendygral to the team in 2024!

In January 2024, we are thrilled to welcome governance specialist Bronwyn Mendygral to the Geodetica team.  

Bronwyn comes to us with an extensive background in governance – having worked as a consultant for two of the Big 4 consulting firms, and as a public servant for several government departments.  

A Canberran her whole life, Bron considers herself a classic Canberra stereotype.

“I grew up in Canberra, and during my school years had every intention of leaving for somewhere I thought would be more exciting. Especially studying International Business with a major in European Business and Italian at ANU, I did have my sights set on living the Italian dream at one point.

“But after graduation, I landed a really promising role and settled in. Over time I could see how much Canberra was changing with so many more amazing sights and activities. It’s such a beautiful city. Now with a young family I can’t think of a better place to live, so I save Italy for the holidays!”

Bronwyn’s career evolved quickly as her interest and skills in many aspects of governance grew, enabling her to take on more specialised roles.

“My speciality is governance. My experience ranges from enterprise to program and project-level governance and has included working in internal audit, risk management, corporate planning, performance reporting, and with boards and committees.

“It’s a niche area but one that is so important to do well. I’ve really enjoyed my engagements with government agencies over the years and Defence in particular due to its scale, complexity, and the impact that projects have on Australian lives.”

Bron previously worked with Jason and Suraj, and says she knew of almost the entire Geodetica team by reputation alone which was a significant factor in her decision to come onboard.

“They are well known as experts in their field who are exceptional at what they do. There’s also an authentic drive to grow the company while staying true to its mission and vision – underpinned by trust, transparency, and genuine motivation to do great client work. An opportunity to be part of that doesn’t come around often.

“In joining the team, I’m excited to contribute my perspective by drawing on my experience as a consultant and public servant. We can all relate really well to clients as many of us have been in similar positions. We understand the challenges they face, and can be empathetic and responsive to their needs. Especially in today’s complex climate, people need teams they can trust to do the work and do it well.”

When she’s not working, Bron says she’s still finding her feet as a new mum and is thoroughly enjoying combining her love for Canberra with her love for spending time with her little one.

“It has been really cool exploring Canberra from the lens of a baby, re-visiting tourist attractions and doing things I haven’t done since primary school. It makes you appreciate everything a lot more.

“Being the Canberran stereotype I’m also always up for a run around Lake Burley Griffin, and my husband and I are massive foodies. We love any unique dining experience – an ice cream degustation was definitely one of our favourites!”

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