Geodetica partners with Rotor Lab to increase availability of locally-produced smart electric motors

Rotor Lab electric motor

Geodetica is thrilled to announce our new partnership with innovative Canberra-based start-up, Rotor Lab!

In addition to financial investment, Geodetica will provide Rotor Lab’s growing team with strategic advice and operational support to accelerate their vision of providing their clients with locally produced highly efficient, smart electric motors.

CEO of Rotor Lab, Andrew Simpson, says the relationship has come at a great time in the company’s journey.

“We are delighted that Geodetica recognises the potential in Rotor Lab and shares our commitment to the local design and manufacture of highly efficient, smart electric motors. The partnership is off to a great start, and the mentoring and networks that it provides have instantly expanded our immediate opportunities. We’re so excited to see what the future holds.”

Rotor Lab’s electric motors are engineered to safely and effectively power autonomous systems across various domains including air, sea, and land operations. They are ideal for use in Defence industry projects and non-defence industries such as agriculture, mining, border security, and emergency services.

Their electric motor for multirotor aircraft has already secured a lot of interest from private drone companies, with Rotor Lab’s Canberra-based team and proprietary approach allowing for rapid production of custom motors at the lowest lead times with a particular focus on safety and powertrain integration.  

“Currently, the vast majority of electric motors are produced overseas and the quality can be hit and miss,” says Andrew. “Through local manufacturing, we eliminate these issues while accelerating project delivery and providing more jobs to the local economy.

“As we’re operating in the clean technology space, we also hope our efforts will serve to accelerate the electrification of Australian industry and lead to greater innovation and eco-friendly practices across various sectors.”

Jason Vella, Managing Director of Geodetica, says Geodetica’s business incubator for industry start-ups in Defence and Defence-related fields is another step in the company’s journey to ensure Defence has access to the highest quality above and below the line support.

“Our goal is to help Rotor Lab achieve accelerated product development to high technology readiness levels, as well as to navigate the Defence capability lifecycle and integrate into the broader Defence supply chain. 

“The opportunity for Defence to secure a reliable source for such a key autonomous vehicle component is compelling. Uncrewed aerial, ground and undersea vehicles all require electric motors to run, and Rotor Lab is supporting better local industry capability to the Australian war-fighter with its locally owned and manufactured products. The expansion of AUKUS also opens doors for Rotor Lab to support its progress through the export of dependable motors to the UK and US.

“Geodetica’s team has a wealth of experience working with the Department of Defence, which is expertise that Andrew and his team can tap into. By connecting Rotor Lab with the right people, we know Defence now has someone to talk to about developing motors for bespoke use cases and reducing reliance on overseas manufacturers.”

To learn more about Rotor Lab, contact For information about Geodetica’s business incubator for industry start-ups in Defence-related fields, please contact us.

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